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  1. Videos 

    1. Creating a Skaffl Teacher Account
    2. Creating a free Skaffl student account
  2. Teachers 

    1. Creating a Free Skaffl Teacher Account
    2. Managing Student Names and Passwords
    3. Forgot teacher username or password
    4. Class Codes for Students
    5. Navigating Class Calendar View
  3. Students 

    1. Turning in assignments created outside of Skaffl
    2. Turning in an picture or video from the Photo App
    3. Completing activities in Skaffl
    4. Creating Skaffl Student Accounts
    5. Joining a Skaffl class after you have an account
  4. Classes 

    1. Creating Classes in Skaffl
    2. Adding students to your classes
    3. Removing Students from a Class
    4. Editing Class Information
    5. Deleting a Class
  5. Activities 

    1. Distributing a graded activity to students
    2. Creating an activity from a document in another application on your iPad
    3. Adding documents to your activity
    4. Distributing a Handout to Students
    5. Distributing a Handout in it's Original Format
  6. Assessing Student Work in Skaffl 

    1. Previewing student work in progress
    2. Viewing Student Work
    3. Putting Assessed work on Hold
    4. Assessing Student Work
    5. Allowing a Student to Resubmit their Assignment
  7. Apps that work with Skaffl 

    1. Apps we know work with Skaffl
  8. Using the Editor 

    1. Using the Editor
  9. Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. What does Skaffl do?
    2. What do I need to use Skaffl?
    3. What kind of files can I use in Skaffl?
    4. What URLs do I need unblocked to use Skaffl?
  10. All articles 

    1. Creating a Free Skaffl Teacher Account
    2. Creating Classes in Skaffl
    3. Deleting Classes in Skaffl
    4. Using the Editor
    5. Distributing a graded activity to students
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